So I decided to finally do some touristic sight seeing and so payed a visit to the local Vietnam Military History Museum.  This I thought was were the remains of the Citadel featured on Top Gear was but alas it wasn’t so still need to find that.  The museum itself is actually quite small but there are many relics to see and most of the information is also written in English.


 I then hailed for a waiting motorbike taxi (Xe Om) and after negotiating a fair price set off for the Victory B52 Museum.  There is really nothing else to see here other than some wreckage of B52’s shot down by the Vietnamese but it was worth a visit all the same.

 From here I headed for the Lake B52 Museum which isn’t a museum at all really just the wreckage of a B52 that was dumped into a pond but it was cool to see.

This was featured on the Top Gear episode.  I need another visit to this as I only got one shot before I ran out of memory on the camera.

I will upload the rest of the photos to Facebook as soon as I can.