From Moung Mai we were heading for our next major destination a more touristic area called Luang Prabang stopping over in the city of Udamaxia along the way.  Somewhere close to a town, and turning point of Pak Moung Hugo’s bike was playing up and he was loosing power every now and then.  Finally it was not just my bike.  We stopped off in this small town on a popular truck route to take a look at his bike.  We really enjoyed taking the thing to pieces and cleaning out the carburetor.  My bike needed a clean up too so we spent the night here and sorted our bikes out.

The next day, my carburetor had leaked out gas all over the floor of the guest house we had it stored in.  I knew the bike was leaking from somewhere and I assumed it had something to do with the crash.  I thought it was the tank but now after having cleaned the engine we could see for definite it was the carburetor.  I could not be arsed to do the simple job of sorting out the floats myself so took the bike to a mechanic to do for me.  Which he did in no time at all.  But then….

The kick-start would not move.  The engine had seized.  Another mechanic took the whole engine apart and the piston was in parts.  The culpret was for some unknown reason a loose nut had found itself inside the engine and so came in contact with the piston and fucked my bike well and truly.

We spent the whole day trying to hitch a lift with the bikes to Luang Prabang.  Finally when it seemed all hope was lost a passing small truck carrying some chickens gave me and the bike a lift.  Hugo went on a head, and that night we lost each other in the city.

The following day I took the bike to a mechanic and along came Hugo expecting I would eventually take the bike there.

So now we are in Luang Prabang and my bike is hopefully being repaired.  I don’t know yet how much this will set me back but I have no choice at this stage.