“You in room 14 yeah”

“err yeah”

“Oh problem with room”

Heading out the hotel on our way into town passing the lady boys hangout just at the end of our road,  (me love you long time — err nor thanks) we were heading out to a popular bar along the Mekong in Vientiane.  Borpangyang has a pool hall on the second floor and a large bar at the top with open sides all around displaying an incredible view of the Mekong River.  Here we were drinking beer, playing pool and talking with the other ferrang and flirting with the local working girls through out the night.  Just another normal night out here until the whole sky lit up with an intense flash.  “Storms on it way”  Then the thunder belted out furiously.  Sure enough there was a storm on the way but when it hit, no one was expecting it.  The open bar very quickly turned into a scene like a bomb had gone off.  There was glasses flying off the holders and the wind and rain came whooshing through.  I looked down to see some of the staff and locals cowering behind a pool table as if the whole place was about to be carried away in the wind.  It was a funny scene and I thought the whole thing brilliant.  Hugo suggested we make a move, I thought staying would be the best option and it was fun anyway, why go out in that.

The storm lasted around 20 minutes and departed as fast as it had arrived.  Back to playing pool and drinking beer.  We left some time later to grab some more money from the hotel to go back out again.  At reception the night clerk approached us. “You in room 14” he said


“Oh problem with room”

He escorted us to our room on the top floor, and opened the door.  “Oh my god”  the ceiling in parts not far from my bed had completely collapses.  The wall around the roof had fallen over and come through our ceiling.  The floor was soaking wet along with all our clothes.  Same with the room next door to us only worse.  He moved us into the adjacent room which was fine apart from the floor was still a bit wet.  It was incredible, he offered us the night free but I managed to get three nights free and of course all our washing done at no charge either.  Although we were still on the top floor of this shitty dilapidated hotel it was sure there would be no other storm that night.  So we stayed put.