I wake from my deep sleep and find it odd there is no sunlight lighting my room.  How long have I been asleep?  My stomach aches from the lack of food I have had over the past two days and my head hurts from sleeping all day.  I turn and see Mia lying naked next to me.  Her beautiful slender body glowing in the dim light from the window.  ‘What the hell is going on’? How long have I been in Vientiane? How long have I been partying?

My friend Hugo had left some time ago, and it was my intention to catch him up in Hue on the coast of Vietnam where we would continue our journey south to Saigon.  I had lost my cards long ago in Hanoi and had been funding myself from Western Union transfers and with the occasional help from Hugo in some of the remotest places.  Vientiane, the capital of Laos was the perfect place to have my cards sent, post restante to the main post office here.  It was to take a little over a week for them to arrive and so there was no reason for Hugo to hang around with me.  The night he left would be the start of a whole new story for me in the Capital and If only I had known in hindsight it would mean my staying here for some time to come.

Outside a small Mexican style bar on a street corner and by the Mekong would be the first time I would meet Mia.  I had just finished my meal when two beautiful Laos girls took the table next to me.  ‘Sorry do you have a cigarette I could have?’  Her English was good.

‘Sure of course’  I let her take one from the packet and then lit it for her, I was now expecting the usual banter that goes before you asking how much for the night but this was not what I was interested in or wanted, so I was trying not to  seem interested in a conversation.  We spoke a little more when she asked where my lady was.  ‘I’m traveling alone’ shit! why did I say that.  When she asked again why I didn’t have a lady I made a point of telling her I was not interested in paying for the company of a lady.  She gave me a look that indicated to me she seemed a little insulted, ‘Not every lady here is after boom-boom, some of us might just be looking for a nice guy’  That had me told.