The following night I found myself at Samlo, it was clear to me by now this is one of the best bars to end the night or a good stop off before hitting the clubs till the early hours.  As usual I went straight to the pool table at the back, added my name to the list and ordered drinks.   Next up to play to my surprise was Mia.   She was a really good player and won 3 or four games in a row.   She made it clear she noticed me and would constantly look up from the table and give me a cheeky smile.  I was fascinated and enjoyed watching her take down fellang at the table to their astonishment and disbelief.

When she had finally met her match she came over and I ordered a drink for her whilst congratulating her on a superb game.  ‘So I see you haven’t found a lady yet’?  She intimated.

‘Oh I think I have now’ and with a kiss her face lit up and from that night we were inseparable.

‘What you want to do tonight?’

‘Don’t know, anything’

‘We can go party with a friend of mine if you like?’

And on that note I threw caution to the wind and was initiated into the underworld of Vientiane a world of sex, drugs and sleepless nights.

I wake up to an instant blurred vision and for a second I have no idea where I am, what day it is or how long I had been in this room.  My vision cleared my thoughts came back to me, next to me was Mia half asleep herself, and across the made up bed on the floor was our new friend.  We had been partying in his front room for a couple of days.   I obviously passed out at some point.  It was day time probably around noon.  It was the start of the Buddhist New Year, Songkran where the whole of the country and some others in SE Asia erupt in a massive water fight as it were.  The idea is the washing away of the past year and of any wrongs and starting the New Year afresh.  I had sufficient rest to be able to venture out again into the real world and after sorting our selves out Mia and I headed into the center to join in with the festivities.  Our friend was blatantly too wired and had clearly no slept so he was staying put.  You have to carry your mobile and wallet in a Sealy bag in your pocket as there is no way of avoiding getting soaked through.

We headed for a few places, friends of Mia’s and stayed a little while before ending up at the very same bar I had first met her.  Here they had two huge speakers and were blasting out good tunes while a whole group of people danced and through water at passers-by.  This was great, I was really enjoying myself and we continued like this into the evening.

This was where we decided to get a hotel room as a more permanent base.  She took me to a place where she knew the owner and I got a really good price for a smart room.  Handy.

Songkran lasted 3 days in Vientiane and we were out partying for the full of it.  Had I checked my emails during this time I would have known my friend Hugo had run into difficulties with his cards and was back in Vientiane also during the festivities.  By the time I finally checked my emails It was too late and he was on his way south in Vietnam.  He was too far ahead for me to catch him up.