A week or so had passed, I had become accustomed to Vientiane.  I knew the locals in the bars, I knew the owners.  I started to feel like a local myself.   Every night we would end up in Samlo playing pool and occasionally we would end the night at Don Chan Palace, a top star hotel here that had one of the most popular nightclubs.

By now I was starting to feel fed up of having Mia around all the time.  I hardly had anytime to myself, she was always there.  At first it was great, she really looked after me, taking care of the room, my laundry even going out for cheap and healthy local food.  I could feel my independence slipping away though and I needed to do things for myself, I needed a break and sometime to myself.  Every night we would get high which sometimes meant I got little sleep.  The days began to flit away as I found myself sleeping most of the day and then spending the night going out and doing the same as the last.  I was becoming stuck in the capital and the thought came to me of the feeling I had back home when I was waiting around to leave and start traveling.  The same thing was happening again.  I needed to get out.

I started to make plans as to my next destination and what I was going to do with the bike, either go with or sell it here.  The planning was taking far too long, I was stuck in the routine of getting high and sleeping all day, I needed to break free of this cycle.

Just when I almost got my act together the sickness began….