I wake up, dim light through the window lights the room as per usual, I had slept most of the day as per usual.  So had Mia, who was lying next to me – just another day.  Wait! ‘What the fuck was that?’  My stomach, a shooting pain ripped through my stomach, and then again, this time so sever I grabbed my stomach as if to contain a sudden explosion and instinctively lurched up from my bed.  I could not help screaming out, the pain was so real so intense.  Mia awoke suddenly and frightfully at my whaling.

‘Wha what is it?  Jim whats happening?’

‘I don’t know I just had a…’ I screamed again grabbing my stomach in both hands, not sure what was happening.  I cannot fully describe the pain I was feeling but if a live rat dressed in a razor blade suite was running around frantically in my belly that would be about close.

Along with this unpleasant episode I had to endure I also had a major case of the shit’s.  Mia suggested taking me to the hospital after several hours of this, but in this time I had been to the toilet more than five times.  I believed the more I used the toilet the better I would feel and I still believed this as the day had passed and turned to late into the evening.  By now the pain reduced to a predictable 10 minute intervals.  Mia was worried the hotel staff might think something sinister may be happening in room 207.

I tried to muffle my cries but the pain was too sever.  It kept me (and Mia of course) awake most of the night.  Finally I had to take two vallum to knock myself out and get some rest.

The next day was exactly the same, a friend from next door came to see me and see what the problem was whilst I tried feebly to eat breakfast.  She lasted ten minutes in the room before I had to start whaling again.  I will remember the look on her face as she promptly made her exit.  She must have thought I was dying in front of her.

Mia took me to the International Hospital as soon as I had some food in me.  I was taken to an observation room immediately and withing minuets I had another episode.  The staff acted quickly to help me.  I was introduced to an IV drip which would be apart of me for the next coupe of days and the rest of my time in care.  I was later given my own room where I would spend the next two nights.  Mia stayed with me the whole time, apart from having to go out and get food as the hospital did not provide any.  ..I know

During the time I spent in hospital some of the locals from Samlo had come to visit and see how I was doing, which I thought was very nice.  I really was a local here now.  My Visa was also due to expire during my stay so I had someone from the hotel extend it for me.  At an extra cost.

By the time I was well again and allowed to leave the hospital I was left feeling weak from lack of a substantial diet, pissed off with the time wasted and having to extend my visa and determined to get the hell out of Vientiane and Loas.