So I finally arrived in Bali.  It was a long flight from Bangkok I managed to sleep most of the way and was feeling a little unwell from something dodgy I had eaten in Thailand.  Probably the food from the train journey.  As soon as I arrive I contact Nick and he come to pick me up within 30 minutes.  It was a nice surprise to finally see him again after all these years.  He was with Ben his eldest son.  We had lots to catch up on and talked all the way to his new house.  I was looking forward to finally seeing Bali and what the appeal of the place was to Nick.

A short ride in the car later we arrived at his house.  Opening the front door to a little oasis in the middle of a small suburb.  His house is spectacular, a raised section in the middle of the lush green garden and then other rooms located around the outside covering three-quarters of the whole plot of land.  I showed me the guest house where I would be staying and I then had the pleasure of finally meeting the rest of the family.  Anik his wife and his youngest, his daughter Gemimer.

It was the perfect place to relax and unwind for a bit until I got myself sorted.  I still had a lot to sort out, I was thankful he had internet access as I knew being Nick he would, so I could continue my search for work internationally.

I must have ended up staying at Nicks for nearly a week, time just seemed to pass by so quickly, I had hardly done anything around the area, apart from visit some local restaurants and bars.  I was taking some time to get myself well again and during this time I had developed quite a nasty cough.

Son it was time to leave and see some of Bali.  Nick had scribbled down some places to visit on a round trip of the island.  I took his bike and after a little fixing up it was ready to go and off I went on a little adventure around the island of Bali.