My first point of call from leaving Nick’s was Ubud.  I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with this quaint little town inland.  As soon as I arrived I got the usual greeting from a local asking me if I needed a place to stay, I was on guard straight away but on asking the price he quoted me 70,00 RP for a room.  I could hardly say no to such an offer.  I followed him a short way to his house and took a look at the room.  It was basic with only a cold water shower, something I have become accustomed to anyway.  It was ideal and the price was right for me so I promptly accepted and settled in.  His wife made me a lunch which was not at all what I would have wanted but I was hungry and ate most of it leaving the crushed up whole shrimp to oneside.  I tried not to even look at it.

Jazz Cafe, Ubud

As night fell and after a well deserved beer I got ready for a night on the town to see what Ubud had to offer.  First stop was to a Jazz Cafe where they had a local Jazz band playing to almost a full house.  The music was excellent and the cafe itself was a beautiful place to relax.

From here I wandered around the streets looking for the main bar area, which was located on Monkey Road.  I happened across it by accident actually and the only place recommended to me was the reggae Bar, so I headed there.  Found it just in time, after ordering a beer the band got ready to play.  What a night it was, the band where excellent and the whole place erupted as everyone got up to dance.  I met a couple of guys by the bar, one an Australian here on a short holiday and the other an English guy who was out here for work as a scuba diving instructor.  I spent the rest of the night with them drinking and chatting.  When the var closes we walked a little further down the street to what happened to be the actual reggae bar that was open much later.

The next day was supposed to be a day of sight-seeing and doing the usual tourist things that tourists do.  However my cough was becoming worse and I thought by now it was time to get a doctor to take a look.  I made my way to the Ubud Clinic where straight away I was seen and examined by a doctor.  It was what I had expected, a throat infection and my glands had become swollen.  So first a stomach infection now a throat infection. – What next?  I was given a weeks course of antibiotics and was sent on my way.   So My next stop was to have a look at the monkey forest but no sooner had I left the clinic the bike stopped working.  What is it with e and bikes?  I had to push it quite a way along a busy road to a mechanic to take a look at.   I left the bike with the mechanic and went off to find some lunch.  Upon my return the bike was fit and healthy again and for a hefty price of 300,000 Rp for a new CDI Unit.  Fuck me!  I really need some luck when it comes to bikes.  Maybe I shouldn’t have sold my beloved bike back home.  Maybe this is why?

The new CDI unit made all the difference and I have had no problems since. 

It was too late by now to visit any of the tourist sites so, after dinner and a few beers later I resided for an early night and ended up spending most of the rest of the night chatting and drinking with my two german neighbouors in the room next to mine.   I was determined to see some monkeys the next day. 🙂