Okay so after breakfast I payed a visit to the Monkey Forest in Ubud.  It’s quite a nice place to walk around and of course there are lots of monkeys running about.  I took the bike around to the back entrance so I could drive through a part of the forest.  There was an entrance fee and also a fee for a bunch of small bananas to feed to the

He's after my banana!

monkeys, but I payed and bought some anyway and tried to get the guy there to take some photos.  The monkeys once seeing I had a bunch of bananas in my hand spent no time at all jumping all over me and devouring the bananas before the guy could get a decent shot.  Still ya know.

Walking through the forest I found a bit where a lot of the little buggers where hanging out.  I parked my arse down on the wall beside them and just sat there waiting for them to get sed to my being there.  My plan worked and within a few minuets they got closer to me and then began to climb about on me. I got some passing tourists to take some photos.  It was really nice to be so close to them.  Of course they can still be a bit unpredictable.  After some time they got more and more curious of me.  One tried to see what was in my man bag, I had images of a monkey running off with my cards or passport  -the luck I have been having I wouldn’t be so surprised.  Another monkey somehow noticed I had a nipple piercing and started to pull at it, I can’t say it was exciting in any way, but well …it was a little ….no no it was a bit strange is what I mean. 😀  Anyway the little bugger thought it needed to take a nibble and then the next thing I was trying to protect myself  whilst standing up and trying to get about three monkeys off me, and all while a load of tourists looked on somewhat worried and amazed at this spectacle.

Having a little chat with the monkeys

By the time I had left the forest the day was getting on and I thought it time to move on from Ubud.  The next stop was Kintamani a Volcano where I would stop for the night on my way to the coast and to Amed.