‘Fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuck! which one? which one?  …the little one’

I took a long and twisty squiggly up and down road through the mountains on my way to Amed from Batur.  Sometimes the road would ridiculously wind and twist up and down at such extreme angles it pushed my nerves and concentration to the limit.  I was wondering how on earth they could actually build these roads never mind drive large vans or busses along them.  Eventually I made it to the main road hugging the north-eastern coast line of Bali.  The going was good from now on.  The road was mainly a straight line all the way and the traffic was easy to negotiate.

Very Suddenly on an open stretch of straight road with virtually no other traffic, a whole drove of pigs were crossing.  I hammered on the brakes but realised I would not be able to safely stop in time, I tried my best to aim between them but they were too close together.  So at the very last-minute I had to choose which one to hit.  I’m sorry to say but the safest choice for me was the little one.  However it did make one hell of a ramp and I finally got some airtime on the bike which landed safely back on the tarmac.  I stopped a little further along and looking back saw a little twitching pink pig by the side of the road.  It was horrible but it was either me or the pig.