On the road the waterfalls.

We awoke early from the annoying sound of construction work  going on outside our room.  No wonder the rooms were cheap.  Today we had plans to visit some local waterfalls and generally see some more of the sights from the mountains around the area.  We had breakfast at the hotel, which was a simple egg and toast and a coffee, just about all that was on offer here, and set off for Munduk waterfall.   The road again turned ugly winding up the mountain and when stuck behind a truck on these steep roads made the experience all the worse.  It took us no time at all to find the place.  We parked the bike up and on the other side of the road was a narrow track leading down through jungle to the waterfall itself.   A little further along the road we found a restaurant for lunch, perched up high overlooking a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.  During lunch the clouds began to close around us and in no time at all it was raining and hard to see the scenery.  I was worried now about the riding conditions especially with Aurelie on the back.

Once the rain had subsided we set off for our next location.  Taking a slight detour on the way we came across a troop of monkeys by the side of the road.  They were the first monkeys Aurelie had seen in Bali so we stopped for a rest and for a few photos.  Our next stop was the Gitgit waterfalls.  Unlike the previous waterfall these were much more impressive.  Starting with two large waterfalls and then several more along the river.  The whole length of the walk from top to bottom is around 2km so you could spend hours here if you wanted.   We walked so far down before giving up, I was craving the cold water to cool off and so at the top waterfall where a rope swing was placed I took the opportunity for a swim.  A moment later a group of young lads joined me, and after a little while they all got out there shampoo and bathed in the water.  Bath time certainly is fun time for these young locals. 🙂

It was already late in the day when we were leaving, and again the clouds were gathering.  A minute or so down the road the heavens opened.  The rain was heavy and relentless so much so we just had to stop for shelter in a road side warung.  Ten or twenty minutes later we tried again whilst the rain seemed to be easing off, only to find out how wrong we were just a few bends later down the road.  The rain was so heavy I had to go slowly so as to see the road ahead.  We stuck it out as we descended down the mountain until finally and quite suddenly we were back on dry road and back in sunlight, soaked through to the skin but laughing and joking.

This was to be our last night in Lovina, and after some discussion had decided to meet up in Amed.  There was not enough room on the bike for the two of us and our bags so Aurelie booked a taxi and we arranged to meet up at the Good Karma.

All Photos in this post by:  Aurelie