From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh


Finally found my bike, after a moto ride across Hanoi I met up with a South African guy Anthony to take a look at his bikes.  We took two of them down by the lake for me to try out and I soon knew which one I wanted.  It needed a little work, a good clean and some minor modifications but in all was a fantastic rugged bike.  That night I joined him in the town along with a group of his mates, I soon got acquainted with everyone and the night went on into the early hours with much haven been drunk and many stories exchanged.  I shall again be meeting up with them all tonight.


The next day I payed for the bike and acquired the relevant dodgy documents in a Vietnamese name.  This was going to be my first real test on the bike as It just so happened to be rush hour traffic as I was making my way back across the town. Brilliant.  No actually it was insane but of course I managed it and even enjoyed it.  Although they seem to just make the rules of the road up as they go along out here and traffic lights seem only a mere suggestion at times, but it actually works.   Apart from the two crashes we saw and the other one I saw earlier this morning.